About Us

Some opportunities may not be repeated! (About FORSA) 

Our Vision: To be the Easiest Most advanced Classified App in the MENA region

Our Mission: To Make Users Spend less time while Selling buying products, by infusing advance technologies to serve their needs

FORSA is an innovative free advertising app and platform that acts as a mediator between individuals in the community for selling, buying, and bartering used or new products in an exceptional way. It provides individuals with a unique and unconventional way to save time and money and make optimal use of their resources and possessions, even without spending money! In addition, FORSA acts as an advertising tool for companies, allowing them to reach their target audience quickly, cost-effectively, and effortlessly.

Get rid of surplus items and explore a large number of buying, selling, and bartering operations on the FORSA app.

FORSA platform focuses on surpassing the traditional shopping pattern by expanding options for users. In addition to the traditional buying and selling process, FORSA introduces a new type of opportunity based on bartering and exchanging. Users can showcase their possessions and choose to exchange them with other interesting items from other users.

This option not only helps individuals save money and time but also gives them the ability to leverage their personal possessions as an alternative to cash, allowing them to achieve additional financial gains and reduce the expected cost of purchasing the desired product.

Trust and Quality

At FORSA, we strive to achieve goals and empower communities. We are committed to providing our services with high quality and efficiency, helping individuals connect with each other to own and exchange what they desire in a safe environment with a lot of trust and credibility.

Gateway to the Gulf Market!

Our vision is summarized in creating the best and safest online platform, an environment that allows individuals to exchange everything that is valuable and beneficial, morally and materially. We aspire to become the primary gateway for exchange in the Gulf market.

Transparency and Trust

FORSA is a social platform that provides users with a safe space to communicate with transparency, trust, and safety, which is non-negotiable at all.